When planning a project


When planning a project, each student wants his work to be just perfect. He reads into the rules of registration of projects, competently makes up his structure with the help of the instructions of the scientific leader. But all this will not make any difference if the student does not submit to the commission all the information that proves his personal theory, refutes earlier conclusions, proves the solution of a specific problem by setting goals and identifying the object of research.

However that may be, the diploma project on economics can have rather wide limits of consideration, even if it is a question of a concrete direction. therefore, to think about what the result will be in the graduation project, it should be from the moment of choosing subjects. If the student is assisted by his supervisor, then this can be considered a solution to the problem. But there are also such situations when the scientific leader categorically refuse to participate in the writing of the thesis project by his student. That is, he can make adjustments to the finished material, can supplement and run away unnecessary information from the diploma, but at the same time he leaves the main work for the student himself. Part of this is correct, but this fact does not play in favor of students.