Promote Your App On Google Play – 5 Frequently Asked Questions About App Store Optimization Described By Cpimobi Team


Competition in the App Store is fierce, and if an indie app developer wants to get noticed, having an amazing product is no longer enough. But even though it’s been nearly a decade, the search and discovery functions of the app stores (Google Play, too) don’t operate anything like the internet itself. If I understand you correctly, you are referring to how many users uninstall an app. Not only that, ASO be seen as a foundation for all of your app marketing activities. promote your app on google play like app icon, you can test your screenshots and app description well before you launch your app in the app store using the assets you already have. Apple recently announced that iOS app titles should not be longer than 50 characters , in the aim of improving user’s experience and reducing keywords stuffing.

app store optimization

One note about Google Play: You must submit a feature graphic ” if you want your app to be featured anywhere Google Play. With an increasing number of apps on a user’s device, app marketers are challenged to draw the user’s attention not only through an efficient user acquisition initiatives, but also via engagement and retention activities. It is an ongoing effort that produces better ROI than any other app marketing effort.

Play around with each – especially Keyword Planner – to learn which suits promote your app on google play best. This intelligence will empower you to determine whether you want to go ahead and target these same or not. Like your app icon, your app name should be appealing, easy to understand, straightforward and unique. The Apple App Store doesn’t allow any imitations of Apple mechanics or publish or promote a rival App store. The more pluses you get in Google+, the higher your visibility and ranking in the store. For example, don’t use ‘free puzzle games’ because both ‘free’ and ‘games’ are already a category and are included as a factor when you list the app in the aforementioned categories. Google Play optimization comes with an obvious advantage over Apple App Store since it’s a platform owned by the world’s leading search engine.

You want to avoid using special characters and symbols in your app title because it android cpi app be used on many places that do not support such characters, for example your app’s URL address. While App Store Optimization sure sounds a lot like Search Engine Optimization (except for mobile phones), they’re not actually one and the same. You literally need to get in their heads and understand how do they search the App Store in your particular niche. This could simply mean that the keyword was so important to the definition of the app that it had to be used multiple times OR keywords in the app description could actually be influencing rankings.

  • Unless you are a hobbyist app developer in it for the fun and not the profit, your ultimate goal should be to create a brand, not just a string of apps.
  • Based on the click-through rates for each, you’ll have a much better idea of what screen shots work best at attracting people’s interest and thus persuading them to download your app on the App Store.
  • If you are really serious about getting better rankings in the App Store search you may want check out these tools that monitor and report on various metrics affecting your ranking.
  • Sensor Tower is a tool that lets app developers easily track and manage different keywords in the iOS AppStore.
  • He is the Content Strategist at Sensor Tower , a tool that helps mobile app developers do App Store Optimization (ASO) for the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • While it’s still true that rankings are not the most important factor (clearly, there are myriad components to app store optimization) this new data says that the number of ratings matters more in the algorithm than it used to. Of course, the higher the rankings the better. While much of the world speaks English and the App Store caters to an American audience, the truth is that much of the world doesn’t speak English. There were around 84% apps in the app-store which did not have keywords in their titles. Keyword-stuffed app titles are huge warning signs to today’s app store visitors that the app is poorly made, or otherwise not of high quality and not worth an install or their time. A good name not only identifies what your app does to prospective users, but it can also improve your rankings.

    There’s no argument that the title is the most important single element of app store optimization. You probably already know how important identifying the right keywords are for ASO, but you may not know which factors are most important when it comes to choosing them. These all change seasonally and staying on top of the keyword selection for an app is a full time job.

    People searching the app stores are using multiple-word phrases about a feature or function, and they’re looking for an app that solves their specific problem. With that in mind, the items in the ASO guide below are the initial steps that will set your app up for continued success. One of the main reasons is the app store industry is not dominated by a single player (Google). Although G+ didn’t get as much traction as, say, Facebook, Google Play and Google+ are both Google products, so the connection between the two is probably inevitable, as long as G+ is here to stay. Figure out how you can adapt the concepts that these graphics use and apply them to your app.

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