Invitation to the Virtual Conferences


Dear Researcher,


Publish your research work or participate as a member of scientific committee

or reviewer in series of Virtual Conferences, which are organized at the

end of this year. Technical support for these conferences is given by

THOMSON Ltd (Scientific Company from Central Europe – Slovakia).

The scientific quality is ensured by group formed from partnership

universities. All papers are single blind reviewed (by at least 2 reviewers).


Proposed events:


Humanities Sciences at the Common Conference (HASSACC 2013)

Registration & Submission Deadline: October 18, 2013


International Virtual Research Conference In Technical Disciplines (RCITD 2013)

Registration & Submission Deadline: October 18, 2013


Advanced Research in Scientific Areas (ARSA 2013)

Registration & Submission Deadline: November 4, 2013


The 1st Virtual Multidisciplinary Conference (QUAESTI 2013)

Registration & Submission Deadline: November 18, 2013


Other essential information

* Conference without personal presence.

* Accepted articles are online available.

* Conference materials have ISSN and ISBN.

* Accepted papers will be indexed and send for evaluation in most major

indexing databases.


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With best regards

Technical Committee

Thomson Ltd

Univerzitna 8498/25

Zilina, Slovakia



Virtual Conference portals:

It really does make too much sense, doesn’t it


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