How to motivate yourself?


To allocate time in the schedule for a writing of scientific articles uk essay help – half the battle. This time is still necessary to dispose of. For it may very well turn out that these precious minutes you will simply sit in front of your computer and drink coffee, and the article will not move from the dead center. In short, you need motivation.

Set a goal
The goal is a great invention of mankind. Only the goal gives the direction of the movement, otherwise, as the saying goes, any wind will be on your way, including directing you to do nothing. The goal is one of the components of writing. Therefore, first of all, it is better to devote one of your writing sessions to setting goals. Do this regularly, for example, once a month you make a plan for your writing work. In the planning process, you should determine which projects you should implement: start a new article or book, write an application for a contest or a grant, edit the manuscript, etc. It is best to compile a list of such projects, including those that you should have implemented in the past month or even a year, but your hands never reached them. When compiling a list, it is better not to think about it – you can realize what you have conceived, how complex it is and whether you are able. Write everything that comes to mind.

Having formulated and written down the projects, put them in the most prominent place, so that they are always in front of your eyes. From a psychological point of view, this will constantly not only remind you of what was planned, but also stimulate its implementation. The question here is not whether I will be able to implement all this, but in how many days, weeks or months it will be required. Surprisingly, even simply deleting an implemented project from your list will bring a deep sense of satisfaction. Man for happiness in general is very little needed.

The next step is to establish a specific goal for each writer’s session. The elephant can not be eaten whole, so it should be eaten in pieces. The goal can not be achieved in one jump, so it must be broken into small steps. Write scientific theses for the conference – too common goal. It must be as specific as possible. For example:

· Write 200 words of your abstracts
· Print out a draft and edit it
· Write two paragraphs of a scientific article
· Compile a bibliography
· Read two paragraphs of the scientific book necessary for the preparation of my article
And so on. The principle is clear. The more often specific figures appear in your specific goals, the better for you, as it will be easier for you to track your progress.