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What Does Proofreading Involve
In order to be awarded a Masters or Doctorate you must not only display deep knowledge of your subject, but also a good command of your language so that you can communicate your knowledge clearly to others. Proofreading involves checking your grammar, spelling and general sentence and paragraph construction. Here are more details of the services we provide:
Spelling: spelling errors are corrected, and we also check for incorrect use of homonyms (such as ‘to’ and ‘too’ or ‘there’ and ‘their’, and the common ‘lose’ and ‘loose’).
Punctuation: many people confuse ‘its’ and ‘it’s’, and most have no idea when to use a semi colon or colon. Inappropriate use of the comma is another common error, and we will correct all of these common mistakes in punctuation that can change the meaning of a passage
Grammar: poor grammar often indicates a lack of education to many people, so you can be beat before you start with your thesis. Bad grammar can also lead to misunderstandings and ambiguity. Using the wrong word, an incorrect juxtaposition of subject and verb and end of sentence prepositions can all confuse the reader and render very vague to them what might be clear to you.
Formatting: the length of your paper should be determined by the word count and formatting of diagrams, not by wider margins than necessary or by too large a font. We will edit your thesis or dissertation to include the most appropriate font sizes, line spacing and margin widths, taking into consideration the formatting conventions needed by your institution (e.g. the aforementioned APA, MLA, Turbian or possibly Chicago layouts).
Style of Citations/References: references and citations can be presented in a very wide variety of styles. The use of italics, bold letters, spacing, underlines and font sizes varies significantly between journals and other forms of publication. We will edit yours to conform to what is generally accepted in your particular field of study.
Typographical Errors: everybody makes typos, and it is very rare for us to proofread a dissertation without finding these. Wrong letters, additional letters or extra or no spaces are all common, and we will correct these as we find them.
Let use known if you want to use our proofreading service, and also what level of service you require. We will return to you rapidly with an estimate for the work and any questions we have before commencing.